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We are leading educational consultants providing individualized professional development for teachers and administrators. We offer hands-on training using innovative tools and methods that are research based and classroom tested.

We are driven to work hard every day because we believe, absolutely, that every child deserves the brightest future. In order to ensure that educators are fostering college and career readiness, it's imperative that they receive the proper support to keep them leading with learning and running ahead of the curve. We are here to help and can provide all the right tools, practical methods, and hands-on support to breed excellence and confidence in both teachers and administrators.

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Calling All Teachers – Lead with Literacy

. . - Wednesday, April 09, 2014

I was sitting in the waiting area thumbing through a magazine as my new car was getting its first oil change. I glanced up to see a group of technicians gathered next to my vehicle with heads bent, and was a bit concerned as to what might be the cause of this little powwow. After about fifteen minutes, my car was backed out of the bay area, and the manager was apologizing to me for my extended wait. Apparently, the new sync system on my vehicle was a first for this crew, and they had to read through the owner's manual to figure out how to turn off the oil change light. As an ELA teacher, this was music to my ears! I had a well-tuned vehicle AND a story to share the next day about how important literacy is for any career! Yes, Students, you will use this someday!!! That's why all teachers need to lead with literacy.  Read More